the optimist project


I’m a huge advocate of self-love and optimism overcoming personal obstacles. It might sound stupid to believe that a good attitude can make so much of a difference, but I think the Law of Attraction may very well exist. If I was having a terrible day, thinking negatively, and working myself further into the gutter I think just a kind word from a stranger could turn it around for me. And so the Optimist Project began, with the basic goal in mind of a random note finding a random person and hopefully inspiring them to think positively about their current place in life.  It’s a simple two-second job to write an uplifting note and leave it on a park bench or a lamppost or at the drive-thru window of the Wendy’s down the street. Everyone could use a little more PMA (positive mental attitude) in their lives, and to know that they aren’t as alone in this as they might have thought they were.

Today I wrote about 40 notes to go out between my compatriot and myself. Wave 1 of many, to be sure.

hail & farewell,

One Response to “the optimist project”

  1. Edward Perdomo Says:

    That’s sweet, hope it’s working out as you intended. I know I get cheered up when I see your streams <3


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