guerilla innovation.


guerilla innovation

bottled stars.

I like to take walks. Long or short, brisk or lazy paces…there is just something about cool air that clears my thoughts. On a few occasions when I’ve found myself walking through a more “urban” area, I take a seat on a bench and watch the people who rush by, always on a schedule. I suppose there’s something to be said for that. You’re never quite bored, always completing some sort of task. But it is so hard to maintain an individuality when all you can think about is where you need to be next. Adults never take the time to “smell the roses” . When did we lose this sense of wonder? When did we become so apathetic to what is going on around us but doesn’t concern us directly? Children take the time to look around them, to notice out-of-place details and the little nuances in a person’s tone. They have an insatiable curiosity. Is this another thing we must give up on the pilgrimage to adulthood?

No. Hell no.

I refuse.

I’ve decided that I’m waging an all-out blitzkrieg on this injustice of the human condition. Being an adult should mean that you are more attuned to the world about you, not the other way ’round. My means of chemical warfare? Art. “Guerilla Innovation“: the idea that spreading art will show others that there is beauty all around, if you only stop to take note of it. I have been leaving little object art at bus stations, on sidewalks, on benches, in corners of coffeehouses, in the middle of a forest trail. No, I do not consider these things littering, or a type of graffiti. There are simply a means to help that childlike inquisitiveness to return to the men and women who may have lost it along a busy road.

Please, feel free to spread your own. It’s time to take action against this blasé attitude of adulthood. Stop rushing for a moment. Look around you. Take a deep breath, and walk.

3 Responses to “guerilla innovation.”

  1. thriftyniftygifty Says:

    Beautiful photo!


  2. Edward Perdomo Says:

    Well sadly it happens to best of us at some point, I don’t see it
    always as a bad thing though. Some people go through life without goals and’re lost in worst things like drugs or doubts. When you love somebody and you’re taking care of them that’s when the earth becomes secondary, you go to your job, grocery store or the hospital with glee and zeal.


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