paper doll circus zine distro opening soon!


I’m happy to announce the beginning of the Paper Doll Circus Zine Distro!



You might be asking: what’s a distro?

di·stro [dee-stroh]: noun.

a distribution source for independent publishing

(zines, comics, etc.), indie music labels, and other

do-it-yourself crafts.

I am a huge supporter of independently published artwork. I believe real change can be achieved through a small group of active individuals, and I will strive diligently to that end….so I decided to start my own artistic distro. There are many zine distros in the Northwest (Seattle, Portland) and on the East Coast (New York, Pittsburgh), but I have yet to find a true fan base in the Midwest. That really bothers me, because I love zines (I have only made one myself, but I enjoy reading and learning from them as well)! I figured the least I could do was encourage others who write and create art to keep at it. Individuals selling within the same market creates more of a buzz than each person trying to create a following on their own. I want to help artists reach out in a collaborative sense. To make an arts collective. I’m not interested in making a profit for myself; I just love the idea of self-published work getting out to more people, especially in my area. There aren’t enough people who think for themselves, who aren’t afraid to write or draw or otherwise create what they’re thinking and want to express their opinions.

Please check back often for more news on the upcoming opening of our distro! We’ll be posting new zines, comics, musical ventures and more from Chicago and beyond!


Do you write zines? Draw comics? Make music or other crafts? We are always looking for new artists and would love to host your work!
Contact us with a sample at

5 Responses to “paper doll circus zine distro opening soon!”

  1. Woo! Power to the (zine) people! I used to run my own zine, now I do a blog on music, art and following your dreams. Would love to do something with you sometime. My band is recording our first EP next month. Maybe I could also do an interview with you sometime for my blog, or you could write a guest article/post? (I want to post a guest article featuring a new creative person every week)

    Also if you’re interested in reading a friend of mine’s blog, this rad girl (Bianca) did a whole series of zines called ‘Conversation with Punx: A Spiritual Dialogue’. She interviewed awesome peeps such as Henry Rollins. She won an Australian Zine Maker of the Year award for it. (



    • stereoparade Says:

      Hey there! I would LOVE to collaborate with you! I’d be happy to interview you & your band about writing zines/making music/being awesome for one of my zines and to put on my site/your site. If you’d like to interview me or have a post of mine on your blog, I’d also absolutely be up for it!!

      By the way, I read a few of your articles, very cool stuff. I loved your most recent one. It really made me think. I also checked out your friend’s site. Amazing! Gives me something to shoot for :]

      All the best,


      • Rad, thanks Laura!

        I’d love to collaborate, I’ll drop you a line when my band has finished our recordings (probably early July..unless we get it done snappy by end of June).

        Awesome! I could interview you, but I prefer to let people talk in their own words…so would u like to write a guest article? It can be whatever length you want, on whatever topic you want..some suggestions could be:

        – Lifestyle of an artist/creative
        – Following your passion
        – Where you get your inspiration to create/blog
        – Why contributing art/DIY to the world is important
        – Creating your own opportunities
        – Challenges you’ve met in your career and how you’ve overcome them

        But anything related to you and what you do would be great!

        ^_^ Bec


  2. Dylan Says:

    Touch & Go, who I know you must be familiar with, used to do a zine. I think Steve Albini also had one, or at least was a big contributor to various zines. Chicago has a rich history of zines, and there’s no reason it has to end!

    Also, I’ve put your button out into the world. I haven’t yet had time to look at everything else you sent me, but I’m working through it little by little. Graduation and people returning from school or headed to new destinations has left me very busy lately, but I’d be interested in getting involved with this soon.


  3. Edward Perdomo Says:

    Nice entrepeneurial spirit, I’m sure Chicago’s booming with creativety! USA’s the place to be for that sort of stuff, only place where people actually pay good money to see people dribble balls, make jokes and draw good artwork. Here you’d be lucky if you got 5 Euros for your trouble xD


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