reel it in


haiku sets, tiny
fissures in a jaded heart –
but it wasn’t me.

i wear socks to bed
now – i picked it up from you,
a wayward habit.

can i ask what you
took from me? my legs, my lungs?
brain function in prose?

i am on this page,
and as the wind blows i see
you are not with me.

do not be afraid
of the words. do not worry
about my mistakes.

you will be just fine.
i am learning quite fast now
how to reel it in.

One Response to “reel it in”

  1. Edward Perdomo Says:

    I feel your pain, sometimes you’ve got an MO after a while trying to adopt a character to compliment those you love.
    But it’s okay, you’ve evolved and took somethings with you.
    Remember the best parts and don’t forget, you never know what the future holds. Today’s heartache is tomorrow’s gut laugh.


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