what’s a bloodstream but a map;
roads connecting a person
to themselves, suburbs of arteries
forever circling back to the
cardiac metropolis.

there are routes that dead-end,
streets that fork and split
when you stick the knife in –
flooding engines with puddles
of standing red.

it is not so easy to maneuver here.
the brake line is cut, the wipers
stutter and smear dirt, all of
this shithole heap running on fumes
and false hope.

there is nothing for it but to crash.
bits of burning wreckage amassing
along the street signs, cacophony
of flaming garbage and metal whining.
do not enter.

there have been times…times i wished
it would work, click back into a picture
of health. spark plugs snapping at
attention when the key turns over.
the happy growl.

lately i wish it would go off
to rust in a silent wood, battery dead.
shuddering throttle as it comes to
rest between two shady trees.
a peaceful vanishing.

i don’t know. i don’t care.
it can be the cessation or the impact,
the streets caving in on themselves.
heart, chart, compass ruined;

the geography’s fucked.

3 Responses to “crash”

  1. Edward Perdomo Says:

    Maybe, but it’s still running. And like my Grand pappy always said! “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

    Anyway, it’s funny how the anatomy works but it’s always enjoyable the miracles and wonders life offers.

    Eddidabaddy here BTW, regretting taking a month off of twitch already. Gonna miss you. gonna still try and support you on your blog. Gonna make up for it when I’m back, do say hi to the guys that I know.


    • stereoparade Says:

      hey! wow! it’s rare that anyone even realizes i have a blog, let alone comes to it and gives me nice comments. thank you!
      i hope you are enjoying your vacation! we miss you on twitch of course, but i’m sure that you are having a great time <3 i'll definitely tell them hi for you!


  2. Edward Perdomo Says:

    Well I understand, most of it is old but then again I’d like to be a part of your life and just cheer you up as much as possible.
    Started from the earliest 1 without spoilers for what was going on in your life and worked up to the April post.
    You had it pretty rough no doubt, hope I made a difference these recent days.
    And yeah, I’m loathing going cold turkey off of twitch. I’m gonna probably give it up once I’m done with my vacay. (Still in the NL BTW)
    It’s just a couple of days really since I’m going by bus to get there. Anyway, Love ya and miss ya, see you around Laura


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