the moon hangs, lazy,
softly, over the snow caps
and your breath makes mist.

cool vapor changes
into harsher words; frostbite
full of vitriol.

rip the rib cage, force
it open like an icebox-
icicles of red.

ruby-coated grief,
veiled soft by lips
that smile trenchant.

what hangs between us?
hands that never meet, gestures
devoid of substance.

courage slips through like
water in a broken cup;
drip, drop-drip-drop. stop.

you do not see me.
what am i to your cold eyes?

it drives me crazy.

One Response to “lunacy”

  1. Edward Perdomo Says:

    Yeah, I do enjoy this 1 really any regular night you want people to be open to you.
    Still it’s the little things that make it seem full or a shallow when it comes to substance.
    But sometimes dismissive eye contact is a little bit of a tell maybe that person’s shy or maybe, just lost himself.
    We all go crazy with that though, being honest/real is an important aspect of friendship and if it’s not there.

    Well… what is?


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