For the most part, I try to keep my poetry and my professional work on Twitch separate, unless I do, in fact, read my poetry on a live stream. But today marks a huge step forward for me, and I felt the need to share it somewhere, even if I was the only one who would really see it here.

Today I launched my professional website at, as well as my Patreon and a small online shop (separate from my Etsy). Holy crap, that’s a lot of links! And it was a lot of work that I’ve done in the past week to make that all culminate in today. And hey, maybe no one will ever go to those pages, but I still stuck my neck out to make it possible and I’m actually a little bit proud of that.

I want this year to be full of creative pursuits, whether that’s in content creation on Twitch, or making these two new podcasts, or working hard on my Patreon rewards, and that definitely includes working hard here to continue writing poetry for myself and the occasional person who comes to visit.

If you’ve seen this page, thank you for reading. Thanks for letting me have a little bit of pride in my work today.