< petty


endings are hard – i miss
the interaction but not the person,
never the one who thought
he could take it all from me
and make me a typical
Disney villain. in spite
of my hardships, i’m learning,
i’m loving with abandon
and the shit on the fan?
you might just up and leave
but i’ve got a mop
and i know how to clean.

i am well, healthy here in
this space, tugging
corners of my lips into
a true smile, eyes bright
with promise on the horizon.
i’m supported by others without
naming names, blaming games,
screenshots and lies to seem
profound. all these claims
that you made that came back around?
you should be ashamed.
my ship isn’t listing
in a shallow whirlpool,
i just want to be honest –
is that a thing you can do?
i am small on this high road
but still taller than you.