above here is the spiraling night;
effervescent glowing
star tips forming lines
to new galaxies. a map
of phosphorescence,
beacons made cartography.

light is reflective, pooling
in the shadows of the trembling
mind, panic fused as a
grayscale portrait of
agony. the dark can only absorb.
i am torment through osmosis.

and it is bright here, carnival lights
highlight my plum heavy eyes
against my lids and better judgement.
sleep works to be elusive, dodging
the hoops, the vise-like jaw closed,
a tightrope cord against my neck.

jellied brain slogs on with storming
doubts, as a blurry dawn approaches;
my double vision is leaking tears.
striving to suspend my consciousness,
i bruise my knees on hardwood
looking for a star-god on useless maps.

each night i wish to join the cosmos
in sweet vacuous slumber, eyes
that flutter closed with the dusk…
not to spend the hours as if i were
the dead earth crust, ever-awake, and
spinning like a top among the sandmen.