milk1People are generally warned against the “Ides of March” but so far, it’s been holding a lot of luck for me! Today on  my Etsy I premiered the first zines in the Paper Doll Circus zine distro! I’m so excited. Plus, I started a new project that’s already gotten me some publicity in the Internet world! Come on, Spring! I am ready for you. //FIGHTING\\





 The first zine I’ve had for a while, called “People With Cameras.” It’s a color photo book of… guessed it, people with cameras! Charles, the creator, found these old pictures at a resale store. Something about that just seems awesome to me. Although it does make me wonder who gives away their old photos to resale shops…?


The zine costs $6 and is available on Etsy here. Or, if you’d prefer, I can send you an invoice via PayPal. Email me at paperdollcircusdistro[at] for details on that.


slow center1

The second zine is a fantastic poetry zine submitted to me by Carrie of California. Her sister wrote a poem that she then illustrated and turned into this little beauty! Her description of the zine is simple, but true: “it makes you feel like you’re sitting the CA sun.”


This zine is also going for $6, and is available via Etsy here, or again, can be bought via a PayPal invoice. Your call!

Moving along to the new project: I’ve recently started making candles. It was really just a hobby, something new I wanted to learn. But when I was shopping for soy wax at Hobby Lobby the other day, I came across some cute little milk bottles and of course, the first thing I thought of was Lon Lon Milk. And behold! A couple days of planning and work, and the finished product is available to the general public!


Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks it was a good idea, as the bottle has gotten some publicity on Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter. Nice!  I’m doing a test run of 6 bottles right now, available on Etsy here. I’m now looking into washable, empty Lon Lon Milk bottles and making candles of Chateau Romani!

guerilla innovation

bottled stars.

I like to take walks. Long or short, brisk or lazy paces…there is just something about cool air that clears my thoughts. On a few occasions when I’ve found myself walking through a more “urban” area, I take a seat on a bench and watch the people who rush by, always on a schedule. I suppose there’s something to be said for that. You’re never quite bored, always completing some sort of task. But it is so hard to maintain an individuality when all you can think about is where you need to be next. Adults never take the time to “smell the roses” . When did we lose this sense of wonder? When did we become so apathetic to what is going on around us but doesn’t concern us directly? Children take the time to look around them, to notice out-of-place details and the little nuances in a person’s tone. They have an insatiable curiosity. Is this another thing we must give up on the pilgrimage to adulthood?

No. Hell no. Read the rest of this entry »